The legal framework

We take bird protection issues into account right from the planning phase of our grid expansion projects – because European and national legislation lays down extensive requirements for the protection of birds. Amprion adheres strictly to these legal requirements while planning and constructing its grid expansion projects.Detailed environmental studies are carried out during the planning and approval phases. We take into account the location of the route, the respective species that exist, the biology of the species and their specific requirements with respect to their respective habitats.

Based on this, experts determine what potential impacts the construction and operation of a power line would have on the animal species that occur. If a risk is identified, we take measures to protect the species in question. The relevant licensing authorities examine the results of the environmental study and, for example, the bird protection measures identified. If the official approval notice contains nature conservation requirements, Amprion is obliged to comply with these. This ensures that the protection of animals and plants is properly taken into account.