European Cooperations

Amprion’s transmission grid lies at the heart of Europe and is connected to the grids in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Austria and Switzerland by cross-border interconnecting feeders. In future, Belgium too will be connected to our grid by the new ALEGrO interconnector. Amprion is party to numerous cooperation agreements with European TSOs with whom we are working closely to make our grids even safer, even more reliable and even more capable. The focus is on system reliability and grid planning, the transnational electricity market and further development of transmission technologies.


ENTSO-E, the European Network of Transmission System Operators, represents 43 electricity transmission system operators (TSOs) from 36 countries across Europe. ENTSO-E was established and given legal mandates by the EU’s Third Legislative Package for the Internal Energy Market in 2009, which aims at further liberalising the gas and electricity markets in the EU.


Amprion has had an indirect interest in the European Power Exchange EPEX SPOT since November 2015. To this end, the company acquired 5 per cent of the original stock of Holding des Gestionnaires de Réseau de Transport d’Electricité (HGRT). HGRT holds 49 per cent in EPEX SPOT, the leading power spot market in Europe. Amprion’s investment is helping to bring the European electricity markets even closer together and to further secure the high level of system reliability and availability in the German grid.


Together with 19 other European TSOs, Amprion has a holding in the Luxembourg-based allocation platform JAO (Joint Allocation Office). This company acts as the central auction platform and contact point for the long-term allocation of transmission capacities for the trading of electricity within the European Union.


As a party to numerous market coupling initiatives in Central Western Europe (CWE) and in Europe as a whole (MRC, XBID), Amprion is actively engaged in shaping Europe’s internal electricity market. One particular focus of these efforts is to ensure the efficient allocation of transmission capacities for the cross-border exchange of electricity.


At the SSC located in Rommerskirchen near Cologne, a team of experts drawn from Amprion and both TenneT Netherlands and TenneT Germany is helping to facilitate and underpin security management within the German and Dutch EHV grids. The SSC began operating in 2009 and is Europe’s first such security centre.


Every two years, Amprion and the other European transmission system operators who are members of ENTSO-E draw up the Ten-Year Network Development Plan TYNPD. Based on forecasts of how electricity generation and consumption will develop across the network, the TYNPD identifies where new transmission links will be required around Europe during a ten-year period.


Amprion is party to the security cooperation TSCNET Services. This service company, headquartered in Munich, helps its member TSOs coordinate and plan grid operation, analyse grid situations and calculate available transmission capacities.