Environmental management

The protection of the environment and preservation of the natural foundations for life are key precepts for action at Amprion GmbH. As part of its responsibility as an energy company, Amprion pursues the goal of provision and use of energy that is sustainably environmentally friendly and conserves natural resources.

Comprehensive environmental protection, the highest possible levels of safety, the high quality of our own services and optimum economic viability are company goals of equal ranking here. With innovations and continuous optimisation of technology and organisation, Amprion plans to build on its position as an environmentally-conscious company conserving natural resources.

A key feature of the environmental management system established at Amprion is the segregation of operational environmental protection and the system of official environmental coordinators. The structure and process organisation, as well as the documentation of uniform environmental processes and measures across the network are elements of an integrated company safety manual, which, besides environmental protection, also covers the needs of industrial safety and data protection as well as crisis and emergency management. The goal is to clearly define the responsibilities and interfaces across all areas both within Amp and within the Group.

Among topics relevant to the environment at Amprion are:

  • Nature conservation and landscape preservation
  • Water pollution control, handling of materials hazardous to water
  • Emissions control
  • Waste disposal and handling of refuse

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